Long Island Engagement Session - How to Pose

Long Island Engagement Session - How to Pose

Long Island Engagement Photos - Posing Tips and Tricks

Engagement photos may seem a little intimidating, especially if you're not used to having your picture taken, and you might feel a little awkward at the beginning of the shoot. That is totally normal and okay! As your photographer, I will of course give you direction and ideas as we go! But, I know some clients like to be prepared, so check out some quick tips for posing below:

  1. HAVE FUN! This seems silly, but seriously - if the two of you just have fun with each other throughout the shoot, those candid moments will come across so well on camera/in pictures. Tell each other jokes or inside secrets, dance, hold hands, kiss, act like kids again!
  2. If we'll be near your home, feel free to bring along your dog! From experience, couples come across as so much more joyful and relaxed in the photos with their dogs.
  3. Like I said, I will give you a ton of direction so don't stress too much about the posed photos! Check out this site for some poses if you'd like to pick some favorites that you think you'll want to try the day of.

Location: West Sayville, NY.

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