Central Park Engagement Photographers

Central Park Engagement Photographers

How to: Make Engagement Shoots FUN!

I know some people hate taking pictures BUT there are ways to make your engagement photos more casual, natural, and fun. After capturing your more serious/lovey dovey shots, it's a great idea to change it up in order to get something that feels more like you as a couple or that is just more fun. There's so many different ways to achieve this but here's just a few:

  1. Add props - No, I don't mean props like in a photo booth! I mean like bicycles, your pets, food at your favorite restaurant. If you continue to scroll through our engagement pictures, you'll see that pets are a big hit! Things like this add life to the photos and can help bring out natural smiles and laughter.
  2. Switch up your outfits! This can easily be done with layering, so you can avoid a complete change. But, if you'd like, feel free to a bring a complete outfit change. Not only does this give a 'reset' on the photos, it adds variety and gives you more choices when picking out images for the save the dates.
  3. Location - go to a spot where you have previously had fun together or a new place you've been excited to go! Act like the session is a date - I'll capture those candid, genuine moments!

Location: Long Island, NY.

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